Activities and services by Ruka Villas

Bear watching and nature photography

Experience the unique nature of Finland at summer nights by coming to a guided tour to the east border near Russia. You can see the kings of the forests, eagles and hawks at the same time while listening to stories about bears and other animals. There are good chances to see bear cubs as well!

The viewing will happen from three separate stalls, and there are 20 spots appropriate for watching and photographing the nature. The spots are equipped with soft cushioned chairs. For your camera there is a bench and equipment for supporting your camera. There are also bunkbeds for sleeping in the stalls. Between the stalls within a safe distance there are also outhouse facilities. 

The bearwatching will begin in the afternoon between 4-6PM, depending of the time of the year. We will spend the evening at the stalls and will leave by midnight, but it is also possible to spend the whole night at the stalls when negotiated. The driving time from Kuusamo and Ruka is about 40 minutes and we expect you to arrive there on time. When you are making the booking we will give you driving instructions and tell you about appropriate apparel and equipments and give you additional information. We will also tell you a specific time on when you should arrive. We can also negotiate about transportation provided by us. 

Price: 100 €/person
Price includes: Guide, insurance and vat. 
Transportation prices will be negotiated depending on the situation and we also offer group discounts.
Time: May-September. 

Possibilities to tailor made photography trips: northern lights, views, plants, birds and other activities and locations.

Bookings and more information
tel. +358 (0)400 935 361/ Kari Tuomola

Ice fishing trip to Lake Vuosselijärvi

The ice fishing trip can only be organised for the visitors of Villa Vuosselinranta and Villa Vuosselinjärvi. This is because these villas have a hut which is necessary for the trip activities. The villa is the start and ending point for the trip. 

We will make sure everyone is wearing appropriate clothing in the beginning of the trip (if needed you can borrow footwear, overalls and gloves). 

Once we get to the fishing points, the guide will show you how icefishing is done. Depending on the weather, we will do the activity for about an hour. After this we will get back to the hut, put on a fire and make coffee on the fire, and also have a little snack. If we catch any fish, the guide will show you how the fish can easily be prepared to a tasty meal. 

If the weather is not suitable for the trip to be made by snowmobile (ice is too thin etc.), we will travel to the fishing spot either on snowshoes or by foot (the total length of the trip is about 1 km/0.6 miles). 

Bookings and more information
tel. +358 (0)400 935 361/ Kari Tuomola

Canoeing and hiking trips

We can take you on a canoeing or hiking trip customised to you.

Bookings and more information
tel. +358 (0)400 935 361/ Kari Tuomola